The Start of Something New – My Photography Journey

Everyone has a beginning, Here’s Mine

If you read my about me section, you would know that I started photography around the age of 11, but what you don’t know is that after some years, my love for photography began to diminish. This caused me to stop taking pictures altogether, and it wasn’t until COVID-19 that I decided to rekindle my passion for photography and officially start my photography business. Since I now had so much time on my hands due to lockdown, I decided to go back to the beginning and relearn the basics of photography. I watched tons of YouTube videos and finally decided to purchase a new camera (the one I had previously was terrible 😂).

Getting my new camera gave me all the motivation I needed to take my photography seriously. I knew that it wasn’t enough to just watch YouTube videos on how to take pictures. I needed to start putting things into practice. I decided to randomly call up my friend dolly early in the morning to see if she was down for a photoshoot (thankfully, she was). We got to the location, and I just let myself play around, testing different settings, angles, poses, and even locations. Here’s the final outcome!

I didn’t get super in-depth with my photography journey, but let me know in the comments if you would love to hear my entire journey