The Ultimate Photoshoot Prep Guide + Bonus!

When it comes to your photoshoot, preparation is major! These are my favorite tips that will make all the difference when prepping for your next photo session and ensure you have beautiful memories that last a lifetime! Be sure to check out the added bonus down below!

Choosing The Right Photographer

90% of the people I come across believe that photographers can capture and edit any and everything, which at times can be true. But for most photographers, we all have our own individual styles, especially when it comes to editing. So when choosing a photographer it’s essential you book with a photographer whose editing style matches the look and vibes you want for your photos? You can’t expect the photographer to adjust their editing style with every client. So If you want your photos to have a super bright and vibrant feel to them, make sure you are booking a photographer whose portfolio matches that and vice versa. By doing this simple step, you can be at peace knowing that you’ll get images you truly love.


What ideas and visions do you have for your photoshoot? Do you want it to be very simple and minimalistic? Are you trying to go for a very creative look and feel? Do you want your photos in a studio or somewhere outside in a garden? All of these questions are some of the things to consider when planning your photo shoot. I know It can quickly start to feel overwhelming having to think about all of these things, but thank God for social media! With sites like Instagram and Pinterest, you can easily find images to use for inspiration and share with your photographer. The most important goal for us photographers is being able to bring your vision to life, so the more we know, the better!


When it comes to suggestions on what to wear, my biggest tip is to make sure you wear outfits you feel comfortable and confident in! Your outfits should all be a reflection of you and your unique personality! So feel free to make it as casual or as elegant as you would like. I know that we can oftentimes have our own insecurities, which is why I also recommend avoiding outfits that may draw unwanted attention to those areas. For instance, if you don’t really like showing off your arms, pick an outfit with flowy or long sleeves. As far as what colors to wear, you can never go wrong with neutral and softer pastel colors ( e.g., Blush tones, gray, lighter blues, creams). Remember, the goal is to wear something you feel amazing in!

Hair & Makeup

I highly recommend getting your hair, makeup and nails done by professionals. How makeup appears in photos is very different from how it appears with your day-to-day makeup. Getting your hair and makeup done will make you feel so much more confident and relaxed with one less thing you have to worry about. I also always recommend bringing extra makeup and hair brushes in a small bag for touch-ups in between your photoshoot.

What to Bring to a Photoshoot?

Bring a friend!

If you’re anything like me and get super shy and awkward in front of the camera, bringing a friend or family member will make such a huge difference. Not only will they help you feel so much more relaxed, but they’ll also be your personal hype man and be there to capture those great behind the scene moments.


Turn your photoshoot up a notch by using props! This could be anything from balloons to confetti, champagne for the champagne pops, crowns, birthday sashes, and so much more! Adding props will not only make your photos stand out but they also make your photo sessions so much more fun.

I hope you found these tips super helpful when preparing for your photo shoot. Now that you have your ultimate guide to planning your photo session. The next step is to book your photoshoot! 🎉 Click Here to fill out my inquiry form. I can’t wait to hear from you!


As an added bonus, I have created the ultimate photoshoot prep checklist and included timeline to make planning your next photoshoot even easier and stress-free! Download your Checklist Here!