5 Tips to Help Find the Perfect Portrait Photographer For You!

Happy New Year! I’m so excited for all 2023 has in store, and of course, we know the saying, new year…new photos! When it comes to having photos taken, there are a lot of choices these days. Some people still enjoy shooting with friends, others like using their phones, and then there are those who love the luxury of hiring a professional photographer. Today, I’m sharing 5 Tips to help find the perfect portrait photographer for you!

1.) Do your research

Any photographer will tell you they have their specialized niche, whether that be a specific type of shot, subject, or style, especially when it comes to editing. So you want to make sure to find somebody who fits your needs and helps you get the look and vibes you want for your photos!

Don’t just look at one photo of theirs on social media or website and say, “here’s my photographer!” You should spend some time looking at their portfolio, check out their editing style, and, most importantly, how consistent is the work. Are they posed? How is the lighting? Does everything look too dark or too bright?

For the most important question, ask yourself if you can see yourself in those photos.

I am a portrait and lifestyle-branding photographer, and I love for my photos to be full of light, vibrant, and true to you!

Here’s a link to my portfolio where you can view my work! 

2.) Check their reviews

What are former clients saying about their services? Are they happy? Do the reviews sound genuine? In my business, I have been privileged to have 120% client satisfaction. Don’t just take my word for it.

Check out the reviews here

3.) Determine your budget

Each photographer has their own investment, and sometimes it may seem like the best thing to do is to go with the cheaper photographer. But you have to ask yourself if they are truly able to deliver the type of photos you love. 

Do the research to determine how much it will cost you. Is the photographer upfront about their prices? Do you know exactly what you’re getting from them? Every photographer has a different way of working. Some photographers will do in-person sales, while some will offer all-inclusive packages.

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4.)Ask Questions and Get to Know Them!

Once you schedule a meeting with your desired photographer, make a list of questions before the meeting so that you can ask everything that’s on your mind and also get to know your photographer. This can be anything from questions on the booking process to photo products they offer. This is a great way to get all of your questions answered and make sure that you’re both on the same page about all of the details of your session.

Have any pressing questions in your heart about your photo session? Feel free to email me ( or schedule a pre-session consultation to speak with me using this link

5.) Follow your instinct.

Does the photographer feel right? Can you communicate with them, and would you be comfortable with them spending time photographing you and your loved ones? 

No matter what portrait photographer you may choose, make sure you find the photographer right for you. The goal is to find a photographer you are comfortable with, has the style you want, and someone who can help you have a wonderful time capturing your special moment! Choose the photographer you connect with, as opposed to a photographer who is simply very trendy. This is your special moment, and you deserve a photographer who really understands you! 

Think we’d be a great fit! I would be absolutely honored to be your photographer.

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